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Pioneer Endicott redo proving a hit in downtown St. Paul

Star Tribune | January 10, 2014 | Kevin Duchschere


Three 1889-1890 office buildings are being transformed into the luxury Pioneer Endicott apartments in St.

Groundswell hosts artwork from MMAA/Galtier School collaboration

TheLineMedia.com | December 11, 2013 | Anna Pratt


During a two-week residency, a group of 33 students from St. Paul’s Galtier Community School collaborated with the Minnesota Museum of American Art (MMAA) on a multifaceted art project called CuratorKids. >DOWNLOAD FULL ARTICLE

The Minnesota Museum of American Art objectifies the ’70s

MNDaily.com | October 03, 2013 | Joe Kellen


“Show and Tell: Object-ifying the 1970s” centers on a group of objects from a pool of submissions. Anyone can submit something that represents the ’70s to them. >DOWNLOAD FULL ARTICLE

Repetition & Ritual: New Sculpture in Fiber

CraftCouncil.org | October, 2013 |


Curated by Sonya Young James, a fibers artist from Atlanta, “Repetition & Ritual: New Sculpture in Fiber” is a group fibers exhibition featuring works by 15 artists >DOWNLOAD FULL ARTICLE

Snapshots of the ‘70s scene: A new exhibit at St. Paul’s MMAA Project Space pairs vintage portraits of Twin Cities artists with their art.

Star Tribune | August 18, 2013 | Mary Abbe


A biochemist by training and university administrator by career, Victor Bloomfield now adds art documentarian to his lengthy résumé, thanks to an exhibition of his photos at the Minnesota Museum of American Art Project Space in downtown St. Paul. >DOWNLOAD FULL ARTICLE

“The Studio Sessions” Reception - Local artists in the 1970s

City Pages | August 16, 2013 | Rachel Weber


Last night the Minnesota Museum of American Art, (MMAA,) hosted a reception entitled, “The Studio Sessions.”Photographer Victor Bloomfield documented artists in the 1970s as they worked. >DOWNLOAD FULL ARTICLE

Minnesota Museum of American Art (MMAA): The Studio Sessions: Minnesota Artists in the 1970s

Community Reporter | August, 2013


In the early 1970s, Victor Bloomfield, Professor of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biophysics at the University of Minnesota, embarked on a project to document the Twin Cities art scene through photography. >DOWNLOAD FULL ARTICLE

National George Morrison Exhibit Opens

The Circle | July 31, 2013 | Jamie Keith


The exhibition “Modern Spirit: The Art of George Morrison” began the first leg of its multi-year national tour this month at Plains Art Museum in Fargo, North Dakota. The exhibit contains eighty pieces of the prolific Ojibwe artist’s work, from paintings and drawings to multimedia sculptures and collages. >DOWNLOAD FULL ARTICLE

“Studio Sessions” Opening Reception at MMAA Project Space

Mpls St. Paul Mag: Secrets of the City |  August 15, 2013 | Erin Kincheloe


Back in the early 1970s, before Minneapolis began sneaking its way up national “Best Cities” lists and getting recognized for its active populace and thriving arts community, the Walker was just putting down roots, the McKnight Foundation was seeing effects of its grantmaking, and a young artist community was beginning to form. >DOWNLOAD FULL ARTICLE

The Studio Sessions: Minnesota Artists in the 1970s: MMAA Project Space

Citie Pages | August 14, 2013 | Jessica Armbruster


The MMAA Project Space will be revisiting the Twin Cities’ art world of the past for its latest exhibition, “The Studio Sessions: Minnesota Artists in the 1970s.” Interestingly, a project from the decade, by photographer Victor Bloomfield, will give details and insight into this bygone era.>DOWNLOAD FULL ARTICLE

Shades of the ‘70s: Bloomfield’s black-and-white revisit Twin Cities’ art scene of 40 years ago

Villager | August 14, 2013 | Bill Stieger


A new exhibit at the Minnesota museum of American Art (MMAA) takes a l9ook back at the Twin Cities’ art scene in the 1970s a s seen through the eyes of Ramsey Hill photographer Victor Bloomfield, mow a professor emeritus a the University of Minnesota. >DOWNLOAD FULL ARTICLE

The late artist George Morrison kept his childhood homeland in his art.

INFORUM | July 21, 2013 | John Lamb


Fargo - For a time, George Morrison left his home on the Grand Portage Indian Reservation. He went to New York, then on to study in Europe, but he always kept northern Minnesota with him. >DOWNLOAD FULL ARTICLE

Understanding Installation art at MMAA

Secret of the City | July 18, 2013 | Erin Kincheloe


Installation art is like poetry, if you're not well acquainted with the medium, it can feel like you're missing a taste of a sublime moment. >DOWNLOAD FULL ARTICLE

MN Museum of American Art shows three works by three local artistis using "String, Felt and Theory"

Knight Arts | June 17, 2013 | Susannah Schouweiler


Walk in the door of Minnesota Museum of American Art's new exhibition, "String | Felt | Theory" and you're assaulted by color. >DOWNLOAD FULL ARTICLE

Three artists with big ideas - and big art - share show at MMAA

MPR | June 17, 2013 | Marianne Combs


MMAA's new Progect Space in downtown Saint Paul might appear small compared to other Twin Cities art museums, but that doesn't keep it fom showing big, bold work. > DOWNLOAD FULL ARTICLE

Modern Spirit: The Art of George Morrison

American Craft Council | June 16, 2013


George Morrison's career took him from Chippewa City, Minnesota to New Your and Paris. The aesthetic that he developed became an essential part of Modernism and Abstract Expressionism. >DOWNLOAD FULL ARTICLE

Zenon celebrats 30th year with new works; new app for museums month

MINNPOST | May 2013 | Pamela Espeland


May is Minnesota Museums Month. Our fair state has hundreds of museums, and Explore Minnesota has an inviting, well-organized website with a Museum Finder that can help you locate them. >DOWNLOAD FULL ARTICLE

 St. Paul Art Crawl: 5 new things to watch for

Twincities.com | April 25, 2013 | Amy Carlson Gustafson


It hasn’t felt much like spring, but things are looking up with the arrival of the St. Paul Art Crawl. More than 300 artists will show off their wares this weekend in more than 30 St. Paul locations, most of them in Lowertown.>DOWNLOAD FULL ARTICLE

 A Line or Two: Urbanist Katherine Loflin Coming to town to talk placemaking and "talent magnetism"

thelinemedia.com | April 24, 2013 | Jon Spayde


The Line is a proud co-sponsor of the second annual Placemaking Residency. May 6-10. We’re collaborating with the Citizens League, District Councils Collaborative of Saint Paul and Minneapolis, the Minneapolis Regional Chamber of Commerce, the Minnesota Museum of American Art, the Ordway Center for the Performing Arts, The Saint Paul Foundation, the Saint Paul Riverfront Corporation, and Wilder Research/Minnesota Compass. >DOWNLOAD FULL ARTICLE

 Zines: DIY publishing to the people

citycollegenews.com | April 15, 2013 | Eric Joas


One of Minnesota’s largest collection of zines lies within MCTC’s library. Past the computer lab and to the left, the Publishing to the People event raised creative awareness for the purpose of zines and do-it-yourself (DIY) culture... >DOWNLOAD FULL ARTICLE

View the Catherine G. Murphy Gallery though a different Lens: Phtography from the
Minnesota Museum of American Art

The Wheel | April 13, 2013 | Hannah Young


Looking to get lost in a forest full of cedars? Travel back in time to a gas station in the 1960s? Maybe even go hunting in a field? >DOWNLOAD FULL ARTICLE

 St. Paul: Second Glory for Downtown's Pioneer-Endicott Building?

TwinCities.com | April 13, 2013 | Frederick Melo


While investors cooled their heels during the recession, Richard Pakonen and Clint Blaiser were flying toChicago to buy the better part of a St. Paul block they feared was wasting away.
For months, the pair begged a property owner mired in litigation to sell them St. Paul’s first skyscraper...>DOWNLOAD FULL ARTICLE

 Changing Seasons: One View of Twin Cities

BadatSports.com | April 11, 2013 | Eric Asboe


Although Highpoint notes that “printmaking is a cost-prohibitive endeavor to take on alone,” Print Profs was structured around the idea that the network of printmakers and access to presses and other resources at colleges is a part of the continued excellence of printmaking.>DOWNLOAD FULL ARTICLE

M.A. Rosko screens D.I.Y. Printing exhibit

Fox 9 News | March 7, 3013 | M.A. Rosko

M.A. Rosko explores the D.I.Y. Printing exhibit in St. Paul's Pioneer building and sifts through various printing mediums while testing a screen printing project of her own. The exhibit runs now through April 28, 2013. >DOWNLOAD FULL ARTICLE


Historic Building Contemprary Art: MMAA Project Space

Community Reader | March 2013 | By: Jon Gustafson


The Minnesota Museum of American Art’s (MMAA) new 3,500-square-foot Project Space is bringing new life into the first floor of the historic Pioneer building... >DOWNLOAD FULL ARTICLE


Our Five Faves of the Moment: Mall of America Ice Castles, Strokes Single, More

Star Tribune | February 22, 2013 | By: Wire Services


5 The Minnesota Museum of American Art is the little museum that could — if it only had more permanent gallery space. >DOWNLOAD FULL ARTICLE

Minnesota Museum of American Art Makes a Bid for Revival

Star Tribune | February 15, 2013 | By: Mary Abbe


Since money troubles forced the Minnesota Museum of American Art to close its St. Paul galleries in January 2009, it has been something of a zombie museum. With its 3,800-piece collection mostly in storage, its staff has been seeking space... >DOWNLOAD FULL ARTICLE

Northern Spark, The Twin Cities' up-all-night Arts Festival, Moves to St. Paul in 2013

MINNPOST | Febuary 15, 2013 | By: Pamela Espeland


It debuted in both cities in 2011, returned only to Minneapolis in 2012, and will relocate to arts-rich Lowertown this summer, where the renovated Union Depot will serve as > DOWNLOAD FULL ARTICLE


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